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About Us December 9, 2009


In her former life, my Chocolate Lab, Tatum was an overweight and under exercised foster dog.  I welcomed her to her new home on Easter Sunday, where she soon discovered she hit the Labrador jackpot!  Tatum quickly transformed from a lazy homebody to an active and adventurous 3 year old.  I couldn’t wait to hit the trails with my new companion.  She took to the hills with excitement and gusto, just as I expected.

Welcome Home!

Throughout the years, we’ve ventured up mountains, camped in remote valleys, and strolled through the Colorado forests.  With each adventure Tatum and I bonded not only through the exercise and training, but also during snack time.  It started with granola bar crumbs falling on the ground for the taking.  Soon enough, I was sharing my apples, trail mix and peanut butter sandwiches.  We both looked forward to these snack breaks, and before long I was packing Tatum’s very own treat bags to carry on our hikes.

From trail treats to experimental baked goods, Tatum and I work tirelessly in the kitchen mixing and tasting.  Together we’ve created a line of homemade dog biscuits called Trail Dog Treats.  A variety of  all natural, wheat-free treats, perfect for any dog on the go!  




Packed up and ready to hike from Crested Butte to Aspen

As VP of Research & Development, Tatum takes her job very seriously, but finds time in her busy schedule to explore many of our local trails.  Some of her favorite hikes in and around the foothills of Denver are Bergen Peak in Evergreen, Cherry Creek State Dog Park, St. Mary’s Glacier, Green Mountain, Lair of the Bear, and Mathews Winters Park.  Tatum stays energized with homemade treats baked in her own Denver kitchen.  With healthy ingredients and great flavor, she always has a stash in her backpack, ready to take on any adventure that comes her way.  So many trails…  so little time!

Training on Pikes Peak Trail


3 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Keith Miller Says:

    I like it … The companionship comes through well here and when your on a trail with your Dog that is very important in so many ways I feel. Your four legged companion deserves some Trail Dog Treats. Treat them well and they will return the favor on so many ways … right?

  2. Great blog. It is truly awesome to see that there are people waking up to the reality that dogs truly “are people too”. I like to say that “Dog is My Co-pilot” and “Dog is God “.

  3. Pat Sutton Says:

    Anyone who takes their pup on trails such as these knows how important it is to put the right ‘stuff’ into their tummies. I trust you to have created optimal trail treats and I will use these for my next dog. I just wish you had been around 10 years ago when my Vizsla ran and biked with me on Green Mtn. and Bergen Peak!

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