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Wellness Prevention for Dogs March 21, 2011

Everyday stress doesn’t just take a toll on humans, but the daily exposure to pollution &, toxins, consumption of food additives/preservatives, over-medication and general strains associated with modern living affect your dog too.

As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”! By being proactive when caring for your dogs’ health, you can easily prevent future health issues. Why cover up problems with medications when you can take charge and give your dog what he/she needs to stay healthy? …nutritious diet, vitamins, vaccinations, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep.


All of these things are crucial when it comes to a healthy and well-balanced life for Fido, but the most important factor in my mind is feeding your dog high quality food and treats. Good nutrition is vital to your pups health and well being and Trail Dog Treats takes pride in offering an all natural, wheat-free snack to ensure optimum health.

Some of the benefits of prevention vs. cure with medications include:

  • A decrease in developing certain diseases/illnesses or health conditions
  • Improvement of overall health and vitality
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Speedier healing after injury or illness
  • Extended lifespan and improvement in the quality of each year
  • Prevention/decreased likelihood of certain behavioral/emotional disorders or problems

Tip for Fido: Eat Good Treats!


One Response to “Wellness Prevention for Dogs”

  1. trailsnet Says:

    … and just like us humans, dogs need lots of exercise to stay healthy. Don’t forget to take your pooch out on the trail each day. Try lots of different trails. You’ll both enjoy the variety.
    By the way, this is a great blog. I just added it to the trailsnet blogroll

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