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‘Tis The Season To Celebrate December 15, 2010

The elves are hard at work in the tree house this month preparing treats for all the good boy & girl pups. ‘Tis the season for giving Trail Dog Treats! ‘Tis also the season to celebrate one particularly special birthday — my trail dog!

8 years old on December 8th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATUM! Her big day was a hit, with an early morning walk & scrambled eggs for breakfast, followed by an afternoon trip to her favorite dog park, snacking on TDT trail mix along the way, home to open her gifts, then ending the evening with pumpkin cupcakes and a Bowser Beer. It doesn’t get much better than that! I’m pretty sure this is the reason why people say they’d like to come back as my dog someday.

With the birthday a big success, it’s time to concentrate on the holidays. We’re baking up chicken flavored candy cane sticks, fresh Trail Dog Treats in every flavor, and stuffing stockings for every furry friend on your list. Now offering TDT stockings for just $10/each.  Stockings include 1 med size variety treat pack, 1 small bag of trail mix, 1 Kong tennis ball, & 1 candy cane stick. To order, please email



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