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Think Globally, Buy Locally June 13, 2010


Week #2 at the HUNI Farmers Market ( in Denver, CO… still a newbie to this whole scene, but starting to feel right at home in the heart of my trendy, urban neighborhood. Set up in a 10′ x 10′ space, Trail Dog Treats is proud to be part of this Saturday morning tradition, offering fresh baked dog treats to the many friends and neighbors strolling through the market booths.

Most farmers markets promise to be open rain or shine, and the HUNI market is no different. Saturday, June 5th was a picture perfect sunshiny Colorado day, with blue skies and warm temperatures. The perfect beginning to our new Saturday morning routine! Saturday, June 12th was a little different… just the opposite, to be precise. The cold rain, thick clouds and bone chilling temps made it hard to get out of bed. But, once we pulled up at our booth space and spotted the many other vendors who braved the weather to set up their goods, I was instantly invigorated and energized to meet/greet, mix/mingle with the dog friendly people in my neighborhood! Surprisingly enough, our sales were close to what we brought in on day #1. Happy to see repeat customers and hear positive feedback about our treats!


Thinking globally; we offer recycled, biodegradable poop bags to keep the area clean and tidy. We’ve also package up our left over scraps and unused treat pieces to create “Tatum’s Trail Mix”, selling for just $1/bag. A huge it with the small dogs and puppy training!

Thinking locally; by purchasing produce, flowers, baked good and other wonderfully fresh, locally grown products, you’re contributing to your local economy and helping the many start up companies build their businesses. Farmers markets are a great way to support your community, and as Tatum and I quickly learned that this weekly gathering makes for a fun, social, environment, allowing us the opportunity to barter and taste test too!

To find a farmers market near you, check out



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