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This Week’s Taste Testers January 9, 2010

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Emma & Lenny, siblings (back row) - Cooper & Tatum (front row)

Tatum and I have been entertaining house guests all week.  Cooper, Emma and Lenny needed a place to crash while they’re parents were out of town, so they came to stay with their favorite dog sitter.  What a perfect opportunity to do some baking and try out new recipes!  Cooper was so excited he actually put his tennis ball down long enough to run through the kitchen and poke his nose in the oven, while Lenny, the smallest of the bunch swept in like a mop licking up any crumbs he could find.  Tatum and Emma were the perfect students as they sat quietly, tails wagging furiously, waiting for me to offer up a sample. 

The newest menu item… Crunchy Granola Balls!  A big hit with all the pups.  These can be served as a mid morning snack or for an energy boosting treat on the trails.  Now that I got the “paws up” from my taste testers, Crunchy Granola Balls are now offered in the Trail Dog Treat variety pack. 

Time to head out to the local dog park to burn off the treats…


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