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The Truth About The Dog Flu February 15, 2012

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 Fatigue, runny nose and eye discharge… all symptoms of the Winter flu. Something most humans are all to familiar with! But, these symptoms can also be seen in dogs suffering from the Dog Flu. The form of flu found in dogs comes from horses and is passed along from one infected dog to another. Fortunately a dogs immune system automatically builds antibodies which can fight against the flu. The one big problem with the dog flu is that in some cases, the dogs develop pneumonia, which is considerably more dangerous.


Kennel cough is another symptom of the dog flu, and visa versa, if a dog catches kennel cough from a boarding situation, they will have flu-like symptons. Kennel cough will cause your dog to have stuffed up nose, runny eyes etc. In this case a trip to the vet is in order, and antibiotics will help to clear it up.


No humans have been found to get that strain of the flu virus, and similarly, dogs do not get the strains of flu that humans are susceptible to. Therefore, no need to worry about having your loyal companion hang out with you on your next sick day.


Like humans, dogs can also catch a flu when constantly changing from a comfortable indoor temperature, to the cold Winter chill of the great outdoors, and back into the warmth again. Humans & dogs have the ability to adapt to extreme environments, but only with consistent exposure as a means to survive. One way to ease the shock of extreme tempurature change, and prevent your dog from experiencing flu-like symptoms is with protection . A dog’s natural coat doesn’t always suffice when it comes to sudden and significant changes in temperature and bone chilling winds. As much as I hate to admit it – considered dog clothing a silly trend & fashion statement – canine coats, vest and sweaters are the perfect solution for protection from the elements. As a big dog owner, I never realized the importance of protecting your dog in the elements. But, both small and large dog breeds will benefit from dog clothing.

Tatum got her first piece of canine clothing in 2011, for her 9th birthday. A waterproof, reflective fleece vest. We found that it comes in handy for all of our Winter activites, including evening runs through the city, snow shoeing in the back country, and hiking the foothills in chilly seasonal temps.


All in all, the Dog Flu does exsist, and as responsible dog owners we should all be aware of the symptoms, and know how to prevent cold-like symptons before they start.



“Trail to Bliss”, Denver Life Magazine February 6, 2012

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Happy Holidays Across the Miles December 31, 2011

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I recently returned from my holiday travel ritual of planes, trains and automobiles… Flight from Denver to NYC, cab to train station, train to Connecticut, arrival at the family home, priceless!


Greeted by my parent’s big lug for a yellow lab, Denver, I settle in for a few days of peace and quiet. Christmas eve at mom & dad’s house complete with a visit from my brother, Brad and his family… quite the entertaining scene watching my 2-year old nephew remove the dog toys from the toy box, one by one to give to Denver. Then return each and every toy to Denver’s toy box when he was told it was time to clean up. The day was a hit with ball tossing, dog chasing, gift opening, and lots of good eats.




After a couple of days of quality family time in CT and visits with childhood friends, it was time to head back to the city for part II visit with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. Brad & I trekked across town to Soho to visit pet boutiques and check out the NYC doggie scene. I was amazed at the number of dog shops, pet stores, groomers, etc. Definitely a dog friendly city!


I was curious to learn more about dog friendly cities across the U.S. in order to put together a strategic plan for treat sample disbursement. Much to my surprise, Denver (or any other city in CO) was not mentioned on the list of the top ten dog friendly cities. Here’s the list…

1. Portland, OR
2. Chicago
3. San Diego
4. Seattle
5. Philadelphia
6. Minneapolis
7. Austin
8. Alexandria/Washington D.C.
9. New York
10. Indianapolis


Hope you and your four legged friend are lucky enough to live in a dog-friendly location. If you do have a favorite pet store in your neighborhood and would like us to send them treat samples, please let us know. We rely on our customers to help us grow and thank you for spreading the TDT word!


Wishing you & your furry ones a very happy new year!



Trail Dog Treats Gives Thanks November 22, 2011

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Thanks for the enouragement from other small businesses.


Thanks for the ongoing community support.


Thanks to our Business Consultant, Keith Miller for your priceless advice and assistance.


Thanks to the rescue organizations who allow us to contribute and participate in
fundraising & adoption events.


Thanks to our wonderful new baker, Tara Branham at Stir Crazy Creations… you’ve made our life so much easier! 


Thanks to our loyal farmer’s market customers.


Thanks to our photographer friend, Aaron Hochstein for the recent photo session.


Thanks to the retailers who have taken a chance on us, carrying our treats in your stores.


Thanks to the dogs who love our treats and keep coming back for more.


Thanks to our Graphic Designer, Libby Smith for her creative label ideas.


Thanks to our Web Designer, Matthew Gillespie for building our online store.


Thanks to the many animal non-profit organizations who save dogs on a daily basis, and thanks to the people who give them forever homes.


Thanks to all of you, my customers, friends and family who have believed in me helped me to make Trail Dog Treats what it is today.


And, most of all, thanks to Tatum…  my best friend, inspiration, fellow outdoor enthusiast, running companion, taste tester, sales girl, and loving side kick who I adore with all of my heart!



Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks for your continued support,
Nancy & Tatum


Fall-back Fido November 7, 2011

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Most likely, your dog didn’t get the memo. The memo reminding us to turn back time by one hour and reset our clocks. Dog are creatures of habit, and since they don’t read clocks they read you to determine the pattern of their day. They also live by their own internal time clocks. The “extra hour” means nothing to your dog, as he/she remains on track with regularly scheduled bathroom outings and feeding times.


As most of you know, dogs rely on their human companions for daily routines. They are dependent on our own personal behaviors to determine their schedule. For example, when I pull out the dresser drawer that houses my workout clothes, or make my way to the coat closet where the running shoes live, Tatum reacts with a fiercely wagging tail. She follows my lead when I grab my car keys to go for a ride, and wiggles around in circles when I open the food bin. Our actions guide our dogs.


We can help our dogs adjust to the time change by manipulating our actions, and ultimately shifting his/her patterns. Use the power of your personal behavior to make it a slow & smooth transition. Move feeding times, walks and bathroom outings in increments of 15 minutes for the first week of the time change. This will help Fido to adjust properly and avoid a major shock to the system. Try a mid-morning snack (Trail Dog Treats work great for this!) or an afternoon nap. When Tatum started prancing around the house, whining for dinner (now an hour early) I got out the tennis ball. I kept busy for a bit so she wouldn’t fall asleep in her bowl waiting for dinner, and compromised feeding time by ½ hour to help her to adjust.



Whatever you decide to do to help Fido with the Fall-back, have fun and enjoy the season!


Supply & Demand September 27, 2011

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1,600 – This the number of treats I’ve been cranking out of my kitchen on a weekly basis, on my own (not taking into account the assistance of my four legged friend). This number will no longer suffice. Demand for our treats is increasing at a rapid rate, while supply remains the same. Realizing that we can’t grow the business without bumping up our stock, we’ve decided to take TDT to the next level and begin producing in mass quantity!

Passing off the baking piece of the business was not an easy decision, as we take so much pride in each treat sold. When Tatum & I started the business, we spent many hours of experimenting, taste testing and unfortunately, trashing product that did not pass our quality test. Six months later, after pouring our blood (the occasional cut from knives and food processor blades), sweat (oven cranked in the extreme heat of the summer), and tears (moments of pure exhaustion from lack of sleep), we did it! We came up with four tasty & nutritious flavors of Trail Dog Treats.


We’re overwhelmed with excitement as we start a new TDT chapter! Not to mention a huge sense of relief knowing that we can sleep again. No more all night baking sessions, oven going at all hours… no more worrying about finding the time to bake enough treats for our weekly farmer’s markets, retailers, events & festivals. Not to mention keeping enough stock on hand to fulfill on-line orders and sample kits.

We were fortunate to find Tara with Stir Crazy Creations to help us move forward. I was referred to Tara by my packaging supplier, and soon after the introduction we began to plan our first baking session at her commercial bakery in Loveland. It was all so surreal, seeing the large oven that would bake my treats in half the time, knowing that this huge kitchen facility would soon replace my tiny workspace at home. Gone are the days of baking 2 racks at a time!


I met Tara at the bakery to begin rolling out our first batch. After taking inventory of ingredients, production began! It was 6:00pm and everything was running in full force… food processors shredding carrots, jars of molasses emptied by the minute, large mixers filled with dough, and me, in awe of the mass operation. The hours ticked by as we experimented with new treat shapes and tested bake times for each flavor. With the help of very strong coffee to maintain our momentum, we worked til the wee hours of the morning… we inspected every treat to ensure 100% Trail Dog Treats quality. 3:00am rolled around and my eyes were burning as we pulled out the last rack from the oven. Goal accomplished. First batch done. I left the bakery feeling like a kid on Christmas day, car packed with fresh baked treats… 2,500 treats to be exact!



The only thing missing… my “helper”……….

Tatum had to sit this one out, but she’ll be happy to know that we’ll now have time for product development. Our tree house kitchen will remain as the test lab for all future treat flavors, with lots of taste testing to be done!

A successful first run with Stir Crazy Creations. Next order will produce 6,000. You know what that means? Time to get out and sell!


September Event Schedule September 1, 2011

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Curious to know where you can find me & Tatum next month?  Check out our list of September events.  Above and beyond our weekly farmer’s markets, TDT will be vending treats at the following locations:


Saturday, Sept 10th   
Festival of the Bastardino – Freedom Service Dogs
Belleview Park, Englewood


Sunday, Sept 11th      
Local Foods Festival
Denver Botanic Gardens – Chatfield


Sunday, Sept 18th      
Celtic Harvest Festival


Tuesday, Sept 20th    
Yappy Hour at Highland Tap & Burger
32nd & Vallego, Highlands


Saturday, Sept 24th   
Sweet William Market
Founder’s Green, Stapleton


Sunday, Sept 25th      
Arvada Dog Park Festival


We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at some of our upcoming events!  As always, Trail Dog Treats will be passing out FREE SAMPLES to all of our four-legged friends.